Style Statement

Each element of my new home is carefully selected based on my "style statement".

What IS a Style Statement, you ask?  According to :
  • Your Style Statement helps you make choices that accurately reflect and support the real You.
  • It’s two profoundly magical words that guide your personal style – from your wisdom to your wardrobe, from your longings to your living room – your Style Statement is where your essence meets your expression.
  • When applied, it becomes a lifelong mantra, allowing you to make authentic choices that make you feel powerful and joyful.
I highly recommend this workbook which is full of opportunities to explore your most authentic expressions of self.

Here's what it means to live "Lovely Fresh"

Lovely (80%) 
Synonyms: Charming, delicate, delightful, sweet, lush, graceful, glamorous, appealing, elegant, radiant, inviting, romantic, cheery, refreshing, light.

Physical look and feel:  Undeniably feminine, sensual, whimsy, calm, florals, flourish, radiance, allure, symmetry, beauty, ease, flow, warmth, comfort, harmony, shapeliness, smoothness, lace & vintage, romantic, dreamy, sentimental, flowing, graceful, sparkle and shine.

Fresh (20%)
Synonyms: Contemporary, crisp, sparkly, youthful, natural, original, clean, colorful, glistening, vivid, bright, glowing, bold, sassy, enlivened, breezy, light.

Fresh is the 20% creative edge.  Your creative edge is in your accessories, your accent pieces, your jewelry, artwork on the walls, etc.  I can't tell you how many times the word "fresh" appeared in my questionnaires...I both crave it and struggle with maintaining it...clutter free and light is what I need and I often work against it.  The 20% word is also fun when there are double meanings - fresh fruit, fresh laundry, fresh paint, fresh beats (I do love hip hop), fresh ideas...

Examples of Lovely Fresh:
Lovely Fresh Style Pinterest Board
Lovely Fresh Home Pinterest Board