Thursday, July 28, 2011

Purpose. Home. Love.

My belongings are currently shoved into a 6'x12' storage unit.  As I packed everything into boxes I asked myself these three questions:
1. Does this have a purpose (or can I give it a new one)?
2. Does it have a designated home and space in my new apartment?
3. Do I LOVE it?
If the answer wasn't "Yes, yes and YES!"...I...let...go.  I spent weeks downsizing, tossing, reorganizing, and re-evaluating each item I owned.  Move in day is Sunday, July 31st and I can't wait to open up those boxes and remind myself of those three questions once again.  Does the item have purpose?  Does it have a home?  Do I love it?  Purpose.  Home.  Love.  Purpose.  Home.  Love. 

1 comment:

  1. Chelsea- what a great motto! I NEED to use this as currently all of our belongings are in the garage and in a trailer... in 9 short days we will be moving from our first home... what a time to downsize and re-organize! I love that you have started this blog- what an adventure! Best of luck!