Monday, August 1, 2011

DIY Cork Board Panels

Two of my friends have birthdays this week and I thought it would be nice to make something crafty.  They are recent grads that have started brand new jobs (which come with brand new offices in need of decorations) so as soon as I saw these cork tiles on clearance at Target I thought they'd be a great place for inspiration, cards, photos, etc. in any office (but they needed a little something to be more personal).

Pack of 4 Cork Tiles (12"x12")
White floral scrapbooking stickers
Push Pins
Acrylic Paint
Foam Brush

I painted the flowers different colors that reflect my friends.  D's board is pink lemonade inspired and T's is a nice earthy teal/white/gold palette.

Next up I painted accent colors on the tiles.  I attempted to reflect the aesthetic of the person the gift was for. D loves clean, crisp lines in bold colors and T is more of an organic and texture loving person so I was much more loose and messy with hers.  I used different sizes of paper to cover parts of the cork and then painted over them as a stencil.

Once the flowers and boards were dry I hot glued the flowers as accents.

Voila!  Cute, simple and personalized cork boards (2 for each person).  I stuck some push pins on and pinned their birthday cards right to the board to start them off!  The tiles come with stickers to help mount them up on a wall so they're ready to go.  I bought a second pack of 4 cork tiles so I'll be making some for myself down the line as well.

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  1. Reading about the gift is just as exciting as receiving it! I appreciate that my board looks like me! It fits the room perfectly. :) Thank you again!