Thursday, August 4, 2011

Idea File

I have found so many cool and interesting projects that I would like to try and I don't want to forget them.  I've taken a look at Pinterest but I just haven't gotten into it yet and don't have much time to learn a whole new website.  I've decided to start an online idea file on the blog so I don't lose track and I have a quick and easy resource.

Random finds over the past couple of weeks...

1 comment:

  1. The magnetic makeup board is an awesome idea. Makeup bags always seem to be such a mess. (I know, you can't probly remember a day when you saw me in makeup)

    Also, I've done the spray-painted mason jars before. Worked great as holders for big kitchen spoons, spatulas, et cetera. I lined up six of them in the little spot behind my sink in alternating colors. Super, super quick and easy project that leaves you with enough paint to do something else in the room in the same color. The only thing is, over time I had problems with chipping. If I remember correctly, I didn't do a clear coat on them, so that may have been the problem. Otherwise maybe you could rough up the glass a bit before you paint it.